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With over 16 years of experience, Mac Bedrooms & Kitchens has the skills needed to make your ideal interior into a reality. Our cabinet makers blend modern tools with proven techniques to construct bespoke furniture that suits your property’s style, and take care throughout the process for superb accuracy. Situated in Gravesend, we take charge of various projects within the M25 – helping to optimise spaces in line with the client’s needs.

Breathe new life into your home or business by giving us a call at your next opportunity. We install bespoke kitchens, made-to-measure wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and more besides.

Quality Woodwork From the Expert Carpenters

Our team uses locally sourced materials, such as natural wood veneer, which is taken via sustainable means to ensure projects receive true quality without impacting the natural world. This eco-friendly approach makes us a great choice for those wanting a tailored service that also helps protect the environment.

Fitted Furniture for a Tailored Storage Option

While buying furniture in the store may sound simple enough, it’s often more challenging than you expect. You must find something that suits the room and fits as snugly as possible, then spend out on a costly delivery charge. Any issue with the measurements can result in disappointment, and you could even find it less impressive in person. Our cabinet makers can eliminate these issues and more with our bespoke carpentry. We design furniture with the designated space firmly in mind. As a result, it always fits as intended and exudes character for a charming aesthetic.

Contact our cabinet makers in Gravesend for cupboards, beds, side tables, chests of drawers, bookcases, and bespoke kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Choose Bespoke Carpentry for a Personal Touch

Going bespoke isn’t always as expensive as you think, and Mac Bedrooms & Kitchens offers all carpentry and joinery at a competitive price. Each piece of furniture will be unique to you, enabling your family members to use the rooms in greater comfort. Our team will create a design that matches your interior, achieving more space for a less cluttered environment. This can benefit homes and businesses alike.

Bespoke carpentry is ideal for that standout furniture, statement kitchen or efficient storage option you always wanted. Whether you need a made-to-measure wardrobe with natural wood veneers or a new staircase with decorative detailing, our carpenters provide an in-house service that combines safety, customer care and precise workmanship.

Speak with Gravesend’s renowned cabinet makers on 07940 733496. We assist with domestic and commercial joinery projects.