The Bespoke Cabinet Maker in Gravesend | Why Made-to-Measure Wardrobes May Prove Ideal for Your Home

Homeownership is a privilege, but it does bring a number of challenges. One of the most common issues is a lack of space. What begins as an open environment soon closes up as you fill the room with clothes, books, entertainment and other household items. This can leave you feeling flustered, deflated and yearning for a better solution. As cabinet makers with a great reputation in Gravesend and the nearby areas, we work hard to resolve these space-related concerns. Our team crafts made-to-measure wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, fitted furniture and bespoke kitchens of ambitious quality.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your space. Below, we look at why a made-to-measure wardrobe may be the ideal solution for your bedroom.

They Cut Down on Household Mess

Smaller homes in Gravesend and beyond can be very charming. That said, you’ll need to keep the rooms as tidy as possible because tighter spaces will quickly fill up with clothes and ornaments. Freestanding wardrobes can hide some of the mess away, but these too will become cluttered as time goes on. Only made-to-measure wardrobes will make the best of the space you own – turning an entire wall into a dedicated storage option.

They Make the Room Appear Bigger

When it comes to the aesthetic style of a room, there are ways to make it feel more open and breathable. One is to create internal storage that creates clear sightlines and a lack of visible clutter. You can even add mirrors to the doors to reflect more light or simply choose a brighter colour scheme, such as lacquered white gloss.

They’re Customised to You

Our cabinet makers in Gravesend can create something fully tailored to your expectations. While bespoke kitchens can offer a bold choice of colours and contrasting surfaces, made-to-measure wardrobes come with mirrors, handles, rails and other accessories that make them ideal for any room. You could choose a cashmere shaker exterior with a matt interior, gloss panels or natural wood veneer. Alternatively, go for egger white grey with a three-door mirror setup – the choice is yours.

They Come Designed to Fit

Purchasing freestanding furniture can be more hassle than you expect. The colour may be slightly off when delivered, and you might even have to build the thing yourself. Likewise, inaccuracy in the measurements, no matter how slight, can mean you’ll have to move furniture around just to accommodate the new installation. Made-to-measure wardrobes and bespoke kitchens remove these risks entirely.

Instead, fitted wardrobes are built specifically for you. Our cabinet makers in Gravesend measure the area by hand, guaranteeing the success of your project every time.

They Provide Easier Access

It’s rare for cupboards and wardrobes to offer the exact storage capacity needed. As a result, most homeowners end up having to adapt to what they receive. Thankfully, made-to -measure wardrobes make for an easier time. With a range of styles and finishes too – such as stunning gloss panels or natural wood veneer. You can keep your suits and coats from crumpling, store your favourite shoes in a line near the ground, keeps hats and underwear in their own compartments, or combine these benefits for your convenience.

Mac Bedrooms & Kitchens is ready to listen to your needs. Our joinery team can build the ideal fitted or walk-in wardrobe for any room and provide dressing tables, cupboards and chests of drawers, just to name a few.

Call our experienced cabinet makers on 07940 733496 for made-to-measure wardrobes, bespoke kitchens and more in the Gravesend area.